The Elastic Community – The Developers - June 2017

June 21, 2017 by clivemy

The Elastic community started off in the early part of last year. In the beginning, it was led by a character called ‘Lannister’ and to be fair, this was really his project to begin with. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Lannister dropped out due to health reasons, the funds collected for the project were frozen (multi-sig wallet, so Lannister was needed to sign off, but was no longer available) so the project was in deep doo-doo land. With no money and lots of development work to be done, it looked like Elastic was finished. Then Evil-Knievel stepped up and said he’d bring the project to the stage where we had a viable product.

There have been other developers that have helped, but somehow Evil-Knievel managed to get coralreefer to not only help, but to stay with us (as both have done through thick and thin) and to work for the sheer joy of it. Together, those two have brought us as close as we are to having the first decentralised supercomputer in the world. Just two guys, working in their spare time, have virtually singlehandedly done that which has never been done before.

They can be a tad techy at times and both have threatened to leave the project half a dozen times, but they are truly brilliant and with geniuses like these guys, Elastic has been truly blessed. Evil Knievel has a wicked sense of humour that can be both off the wall and poignant. Coralreefer is a more somber, matter-of-fact sort of guy.

So, for over a year they’ve been working and not getting paid. Seriously, these guys are so dedicated to this project, they’ve been doing it just for the love of the challenge it represents. The community around them has comprised of some practical helpers (more on those with the next post) and lots and lots of positive moral support, spurring our dev team on, when I’m sure they really felt like quitting.

In the next blog post I’ll talk about unvoid and by rallier, the guys that deal with everything non-programming.