Status of Lannister and the ICO funds

April 15, 2017 by Unvoid

Lannister is gone. ICO funds are gone. We don’t know why. We don’t know if we ever see him again. It’s not like “he took all the funds and run away” because before disappearing he rewarded some of community members with some BTC for their work. He mentioned that he have some health problems also. That’s all we know now.

I’ts not like he didn’t helped us. He helped a lot. Mostly on server and scripts side. Personally I remember him as very inteligent person with very rich english vocabulary. I hope that he will come back to us even without funds incognito with another account. He was nice addition to this community.

We can safely (jokingly) assume that XEL is proof of burn coin like XCP. But instead of burning our BTC in dead address we burned them in Lannister hands.

Please remember that every donator knew before any action that this is just donation and can be spent on development or ice creams.

This was content of website on which donations was placed:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Donations are now being accepted for the upkeep and support of Elastic. Please understand that no shares in a company are offered here and no promises about any future rewards are made. Also, the software related to Elastic comes without any sort of warranty or insurance. We cannot guarantee our software will be totally bug free or that it will function as claimed, but it will always be free and open source. A dontation towards the Elastic project, even during the coin distribution phase, does not imply any obligations, promises or guarantees from either side: a donation is a donation and is non refundable. Also, Elastic Project does not come with any guarantee of success. Your use of our website or our software or your participation in the dontation based project support campaign signifies your acceptance of these terms. We give away a certain amount of Elastic Coins (XEL) voluntarily to those who support Elastic and record it in the so-called genesis block. This will later be used as the first block in the blockchain and distribute the Elastic Coins in circulation. Please do not consider Elastic Coins (XEL) to be shares, futures, certificates, securities, bonds, treasures, profit-sharing agreements, or anything similar. That is, do not expect any future rewards for your donation. Elastic Coins (XEL) have no value and should neither be considered as a storage of value nor as any kind of investment. Instead, the Elastic Coins (XEL) you receive are just an early access to the open source software that is created in the context of Elastic. Donating just means supporting the development of an open source project and nothing else. The Elastic Coins (XEL) giveaway ends when Bitcoin block 425920 has passed or a total of 5 million Elastic Coins (XEL) have been given away. Any of these 5 million coins that are not given away, are distributed proportionally to all donators depending on the size of their donation. To repeat, all donations are strictly non-refundable. By participating in our donation based project support campaign you attest that you are neither a corporation, an unincorporated association, and neither a citizen/resident of- nor located in the USA or Canada and neither a citizen/resident of- nor located in any jurisdiction where running this donation based project support campaign as i do it, or the participation in this donation based project support campaign or the general use of Elastic's website or software or Bitcoin itself might be illegal. Everyone is required to verify that before donating. Furthermore nobody who either helped developing Elastic or got involved in Elastic in any form will be held liable for any losses (including for loss of profits, goodwill or data) incurred, either directly or indirectly, through your use of this Website, the software, the protocol or any of Elastic's functionality / function and features. Also, please note that the Elastic network is under development and may experience significant changes before release: expectations regarding the form and functionality of the Elastic platform may not be met. (DO NOT CONTINUE WITHOUT READING AND UNDERSTANDING) Every community member working for free or in exchange for other community members tips (i.e. some people helped me financially with ability to run this forum without any side effects for my pocket, i.e.2 there is a plan to create fundation after mainnet so we will be able to pay devs some tips for their priceless job).